I have previously write post Resizing interactive report column dropdown list that did work also for APEX 3.2.

Here is more simple solution that works on APEX 4.2.

First create page where is interactive report. Edit page attributes and add to page CSS inline

#apexir_rollover.ui-resizable {
 padding-right: 8px;
#apexir_rollover div.ui-resizable-handle {
 background: url("#IMAGE_PREFIX#qb/close.png") no-repeat scroll 0 50% #F0F0F0;
 border-left: 2px solid #F0F0F0;
 right: 0;


Then create dynamic action

  • Name: Set resizable ir column heading menu
  • Event: Page load
  • Condition: -No Condition-
  • Action: Execute JavaScript code
  • Code:
  • Selection Type: jQuery Selector
  • jQuery Selector: #apexir_rollover


Now when you run page and click interactive column heading you can resize menu.

See working example.


Resizable interactive report column menu