Time passes quickly, and I decided to release the sample of Webshop that was done in 2005-2006 in APEX 2.1. It was based on some ideas from Oracle Webshop sample and from famous OS-Commerce, and the only usable APEX theme with side bar was theme number 9 that is customized in this Webshop. If you check the features, you see that this product can be already used as a real Webshop unlike Oracle sample that has just few basic functionalities.

The license is: no reselling/modifications of the code for any commercial purpose, otherwise you can use/modify the code whatever you like, i.e. build your own Webshop and sell the stuff in it.

I will appreciate if you send me url of your production installation.

It is easy to upgrade this Webshop theme to APEX latest version theme.


Demo Webshop

Demo Webshop Admin tool

Minimum version of APEX to install Webshop is APEX 2.1.

In APEX 4 you need to change the computation of Item P1_REGION_ID to be:

select REGION_ID
and   upper(region_name) like 'SHOPPING%CART%'
and page_id = 1